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  1. Against All Enemies
  2. Air America
  3. Our soldiers in Iraq aren't heroes
  4. Florida Democrats Place Newspaper Ad Calling For Rumsfeld Hit
  5. Can't Have It Both Ways
  6. The French & Iraq; The "Rest Of The Story"
  7. When a Canadian Insults Fox News, Them's [Expletive] Fighting Words!
  8. Gas prices & driving habits
  9. Iraq Pix
  10. Video Appears to Show Beheading of American
  11. Google This
  12. 'Liberal Media' a Myth: Actually Conservative
  13. Conspiracy Theory
  14. News alert! News Alert!
  15. U.S. Reportedly Kills 40 Iraqis at Party
  16. I was just wondering!
  17. U.S.: Troops cleared of abusing reporters
  18. Do you think...
  19. I'm Done with the BS
  20. Canada Headed For Federal Election
  21. PATRIOTIC. Are you really???
  22. Marijuana Party gets campaign rolling with seed money
  23. Go Calgary Flames!
  24. Ronald Reagan, The Actor
  25. This is a heart-wrenching case. Anyone who's a parent will find it especially BAD...
  26. My Favourite Bush quote
  27. What's So Great About America?
  28. Kerry Names 1969 Version Of Himself As Running Mate
  29. Now this is interesting...
  30. Canada Headed for Conservative Government?
  31. Report: American Hostage Executed
  32. Fahrenheit 9/11
  33. Canada Votes in a Liberal Minority
  34. Holes in the F-9/11 hatchet job begin to emerge
  35. Saddam's WMDs are in Syria
  36. Iraq is Free
  37. Thank you America....
  38. Where does Kerry REALLY stand on Iraq?
  39. Vice President Hillary
  40. Mixing it up
  41. Sick And Tired Of Politics!
  42. Abortion! Is it still a political hot potato?
  43. It may be time to reassess the Dixie Chicks
  44. Sign the petition to outlaw OPEC