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  1. Todd Mitchem changed my life!
  2. Please READ before you hit NEW TOPIC
  3. Are you a newbie? Let's hear from you!
  4. Finding used CD's on the net
  5. "Heyyy... I know YOU!"
  6. E-mail permission marketing... and abuse
  7. What type of gigs do you "specialize" in?
  8. Who has the longest sig file for posts?
  9. Are you ruined for ever just being a "guest"?
  10. It's not personal, it's BUSINESS
  11. Cleaning up other DJs' messes: have you ever been the relief pitcher?
  12. Who needs Napster? You can still get all the hit MP3's you want
  13. The best laid plans... ruined by another vendor
  14. Help! Do you speak techno?
  15. How active are you when DJing?
  16. Am I a DJ snob?
  17. Your favoritest (oldest) piece of gear?
  18. Embarrassed and ashamed: a new direction
  19. Dealing with party poopers
  20. Different days, different times, different rates?
  21. How dare you quote me! My post is COPYRIGHTED!
  22. Songbook software
  23. Would you do a 4-hour show for $180?
  24. Going to Vegas? Have a cell phone?
  25. Play it again, Sam
  26. Take this quiz about DJchat threads
  27. Have you ever been FIRED?
  28. What is your wackiest wedding?
  29. Announcement: Last word on moderators
  30. Is this what it's come to?
  31. "Why do DJ's always need to be in CONTROL?"
  32. Something smells here
  33. Pricing Survey/Average National Prices
  34. Play 20 questions with the DJ
  35. Our pricing survey: looking ahead to 2003
  36. Testimonials on your website?
  37. Client wants a friend to "run the show"
  38. Do you get paid to twiddle your thumbs?
  39. Long Distance Runaround
  40. The "I Like You" discount
  41. Top 3 karaoke tips for a newbie?
  42. Age discrimination ... what to do when the music stops?
  43. Do you make a "living wage"?
  44. If the client doesn't care, why should I?
  45. You can't spend what you don't have
  46. My opinion on opinions
  47. DJ in Cali seeks "silent partner" on his site
  48. Is it only about the Benjamins?
  49. Dance crazes no longer crazed
  50. Diversifying when times are tough