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    QSC K12 Splitting DJ Mixer's L&R Outputs to drive both inputs on each speaker

    Thread Starter: AbsoluteDJ

    Has anyone ever heard of this? It seeps to be counter-intuitive but seems to work. It will allow you to get more out of your speakers.. Example: The K12 has a mixer built into the back. On this mixer it has dual XLR Inputs and dual gain controls. Now lets say you have a DJ Mixer with L&R XLR...

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    Thread Starter: stony

    Hi All, Just checking, how many of you have a clause about feeding the DJ (DJ & Staff) in the contract.. I'm thinking of adding this in, and I'd love some input.. 99% times it's never and issues, but there's at 1%.. I know the season is just begining, but last week one of our guys went...

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    Photo booths no more?

    Thread Starter: Corynick

    Is anybody else just setting up a "photo area" with a backdrop and some props and people use their own phones etc to take the photos? In the age of iPhones, Selfies, and Instagram I've been having great luck with this lately especially in the teenage crowd. Props can be had for little to nothing...

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    DJ RickyB

    Numark Lightwave Speakers

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    Numark have been pushing their new speaker series all over face book, and in email marketing for like the past 5 months. I wonder if any DJs would seriously consider using speakers with built in lights on them like this? These speakers are only 200 watts and Numark is claiming 117 dbl. Numark...

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    Music copyright laws

    Thread Starter: craigdj

    Thought I would share this story with you all. I'm wondering do bars and venues pay for these licenses for us to DJ? "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay," "Bennie and the Jets" and "Brown Eyed Girl." They're cover band classics—songs that have also cost some Minnesota bars tens of thousands...

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    Are You're services really different?

    Thread Starter: partyhost

    Great FB topic and video from BSR. New to the business you may find his videos extremely helpful. What do you do that the local competition can't, won't, or isn't? Thanks BSR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_MjZXFZJF4

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    Drive rack 2 users

    Thread Starter: sb47

    I picked up a DBX drive rack 2 4/5 months ago and I have been experimenting. When I run just the tops only and choose full range stereo, I get more low end from the tops then I do when I choose 2 way stereo with stereo subs. Even though I set the parameters for the tops to full range, (with...

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    Circular Ceremony Set Up... your thoughts?

    Thread Starter: Maestro

    I just found this photo posted of a ceremony that took place at a venue I frequent. It is a very interesting set up so I thought it worthy of a discussion. The speakers in the photo are definitely an eye sore. What would be the best way to set up for this for both sound quality and aesthetics?

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    DJ Facades?

    Thread Starter: chambers

    I'm looking to pick up a new façade. Of all the options out there, which one do you use and why?

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    Paul Malacara

    Wedding redession song

    Thread Starter: Paul Malacara

    I have this timeline to do the recession song at a wedding in the same room. How long should I play their song, and any tips ?

    Last Post By: rockingdj Yesterday, 01:23 PM Go to last post
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