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    soft wear question

    Thread Starter: sb47

    I am looking for a good DJ soft wear program and I don't have a clue as to whats good or bad. I'm running windows 7 at the moment but I may switch to windows 10. I don't like downloading softwear because of all the attachments that go with them. Does fry's carry dj soft wear and what do you...

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    Keep Dancing

    Irate guest - WWYD?

    Thread Starter: Keep Dancing

    You're working a company event of about 200 people. They have a photo booth and casino tables so there's not much dancing. You are playing a good mix of music to appeal to everyone. A guest comes up to you and is pointing his finger in your face, saying the music sucks. He is angry and...

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    Tent Wedding Tips?

    Thread Starter: SuperStarDJ

    H haven't done a tent wedding in many years, and I have one in July. No air conditioning, what do you guys use to keep both cool, and professional? There will be 250-300 people, and I recently sold my Bose system. I was considering a pair of Yamaha DBR12's for tops, and some sort of 15" subs...

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    Your Honest Feedback to this edit?

    Thread Starter: eldjdelcaribe

    Hey fellow DJs I am looking for honest feedback on this track since it is such an important classic would like your opinion on it. Would you play this and does it sound good. If not, what would you do to make it better? Play nice now don't be so harsh! LOL Here is a song that never gets old and...

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    Davis DJ's

    Thread Starter: discodenny

    For everyone in the DC area, Davis DJ's has shut down. Been in business since the 70's. This story is making the local TV stations.

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    When a change becomes the norm.

    Thread Starter: Marcello

    Good afternoon everyone, Like some of the significant changes to our country's norm recently, a few corporations have successfully incorporated wellness programs for their employees that encourage a "new normal." Predictably, it's initially met resistance by some. But eventually, the...

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