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    just ordered RCF EVOX8

    Thread Starter: quansonlee

    I got tired of the stair gigs i get so when in Rome get a better setup... these will be in this friday.... gig them saturday 75 people xmas party

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    "I'm an Albatross"....new song to hate

    Thread Starter: andywilson

    request at a wedding a few weeks back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bznxx12Ptl0

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    It was a weird Saturday!!

    Thread Starter: adjtogo

    Must be just one of those weird Saturdays for calls. I got a request from a bride looking for a DJ on a Saturday three weeks from now. She said her DJ canceled on her because he had an emergency. Smelled like a fish to me to cancel three weeks out. She told me her wedding ceremony was on a...

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    Paul Malacara

    8 hrs really means 10 or more.

    Thread Starter: Paul Malacara

    A potential client contacts me for yesterday for a 8 hr wedding gig, so I give them a price and all of a sudden no response. I had an idea what he was thinking, he was either documenting my price or not happy on my quote. My quess is that he wasn't happy. My question is, do you mention how many hrs...

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    SUPER-BOWL XLIX......What's your pick?

    Thread Starter: djshawn

    I usually root for the "BUFFALO WINGS"..........but instead I gotta work...... so I guess it will be sushi this year??? What are everyone's predictions, and where you gonna be for the BIG GAME???

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    What is your DJ worth?

    Thread Starter: partyhost

    I've read and participated in more threads on this subject than I can remember. Saw this on FB and felt it just sums it all up. Something the older jocks conclude with that can help those just getting started.

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    Paul Malacara

    Confession time

    Thread Starter: Paul Malacara

    This question is for everyone who calls himself a DJ. Have you ever been booed at a event? Power went down so a few booed me .. So why were you booed ? Lets be honest .:fight:

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    Highlights from NAMM

    Thread Starter: sawdust123

    Day 1 is over. I mostly am there to see customers, not new products but I did catch the following: QSC The new GXD amps come in at 11 lbs. and contain adjustable signal processing (delay, crossover, parametric EQ, limiter, etc). They even have presets for common speakers. Starting price is $499...

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    Chris Aimi

    Company Database

    Thread Starter: Chris Aimi

    I'm about to make a decision on choosing a new cloud based database software to run my business. I've narrowed it down to Gigbuilder & DJ Event Planner. Does anyone have an opinion on this, that might help me make the best decision? We provide both DJs, Bands, & A/V Rentals. Thanks in advance...

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    DJ Randy L

    Any Updates on Virtual DJ 8.0? Best Stick With 7.0.5b?

    Thread Starter: DJ Randy L

    It's been a little while since VDJ 8.0 has come out. From the comments I've read, especially about the logging in part, it doesn't seem like version 8 was well recieved. I'm wondering if I should download the latest version. I'm running version 7.0.5b right now and am happy with it, but I'm...

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