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    DJ RickyB

    What speakers in your opinion should not be in a Mobile DJ's current set up today?

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    In your opinion, what speakers SHOULD NOT be in a Mobile DJ's core system set up today? Personally, I think that if a DJ's speakers look like this, said DJ should not be gigging until he can afford more up to date professional grade equipment for sure! ...Those Yamahas are the same...

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    DJ Randy L

    Magic! Song "Rude"

    Thread Starter: DJ Randy L

    Real catchy tune. But I wonder how it will go over at wedding receptions since it's directed at the bride's father asking him, "Why you gotta be so rude? I'm gonna marry her anyway." ::yside:

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    Al Poulin

    Al's Yorkville Parasource PS-12P active speaker review

    Thread Starter: Al Poulin

    Coming shortly!

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    Okay squeaky clean DJs how would you handle this one

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    Email I just got from a client for a wedding our company is doing next Sunday. I won't be the DJ for this one, I'll be at a different "more cleaner event":) Client wrote: "I have listed several songs that are definitely explicit, but that's okay, we want them played, just make sure the DJ you...

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    Wish me a good flight and good luck going to and from Vegas.

    Thread Starter: djmachoman

    I'm on my way to Vegas with a friend. First real vacation ever. I've been on a small weekend getaway. Never on a real vacation. leaving today on Sunday and returning on Saturday. The trip includes airfare and hotel accomidations for only $755.00 per person. It doesn't include meals. So no...

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    Bobby D

    As an MC, do you give speeches?

    Thread Starter: Bobby D

    I came up with this while thumbing through a "how to be a wedding MC" book. Do you have a long introduction speech of yourself before bringing in the wedding party? Or do you just make announcements? Acting as both DJ and MC is a bit of a juggling act, with some of us concentrating more on one...

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    How does Mackie Thump 15" stack up with the rest?

    Thread Starter: mikehende

    I am making this inquiry for a friend, he's on a low budget and wants one 15" powered speaker for his home, I have never owned any powered equipment so I would like to ask here. His question is he's thinking of getting the Mackie but wondering if it is just as good as Samson or Behringer brands?

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    7/26/14 Wedding in a barn

    Thread Starter: RobertBenda

    The rustic style converted barns have really popped up in our region. Fortunately, they all have air conditioning. I will say that it's kind of terrifying to have your speakers/table bounce up and down (about an inch) as people dance. This is the first time I mounted my speakers directly to my...

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    Had to work a wedding today on my B-Day ....Here are sum pix...Enjoy:)

    Thread Starter: djshawn

    Today I had to work a wedding on my B-Day.....Here are sum pix of the event ....Enjoy:)

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    Paul Malacara

    3 prospects in 3 hrs ?

    Thread Starter: Paul Malacara

    I have a free listing on wedj.com and today they informed me 3 times within 3 hrs that prospects are viewing my site.. Well I do get a bit excited about this, but is it a way for wedj to reel me in as a paid member ? I used to be a paid member for a few year past..Your thoughts please:Basketball:

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