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    Bride not willing to budge.

    Thread Starter: djmachoman

    I have this wedding to do on November 15th in Pa. It's for my best friends niece. It's a dry wedding and the reception time is 2_6pm. 4 hours. Others have tried to talk her into making it 5 hours. The ceremony is to be at Noon in a place 20 minutes away from the reception. We all know 4 hours...

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    DJ Randy L

    DJ At Risk Getting Sued for Refusing LBGT Event?

    Thread Starter: DJ Randy L

    I've read a news article that ordained ministers are getting sued or may go to jail for refusing to marry a Gay couple. If this is true and the courts find in the favor of the Gay couple, what does that mean for DJs that refuse services for LGBT events? I ask since we are servicing the same market...

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    Lost a gig near my house ...

    Thread Starter: bcoffee

    Things are getting to be really irritating. I was contacted about bidding on a corporate event at a place about 1 mile from my house. It's across the street from my favorite coffee spot. I submitted the bid and followed up with a nice phone conversation. So on a whim I decided to stop in on the...

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    DJ RickyB

    Got this response from a client off of a gig salad lead...

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    I get these random leads from gig salad about once every 2 months. This was for a karaoke party on Saturday 12/13. It's only the biggest, most popular holiday party date. I have 2 DJs available still. This is her response: Hello, Taxxx Thxxxx has unfortunately declined your booking...

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    Ebola Bride......YIKES!!!

    Thread Starter: djshawn

    http://itheedread.jezebel.com/wedding-store-closes-after-bride-to-be-with-ebola-shopp-1647602165 http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/ebola-nurse-told-ohio-pastor-exposed-hospital-article-1.1977380 Everyone connected to this wedding in Akron .....you have my prayers:(

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    Opinions wanted on the Denon MC6000MK2

    Thread Starter: Maestro

    My back up mixer went and instead of buying a new one, I was thinking of losing my old Denon DN-1000's / mixer set up and going with the MC6000MK2. If anyone owns one, I would appreciate their feedback. Thanks ahead of time! :)

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    Saw a cool set-up this past weekend...

    Thread Starter: Maestro

    I did a lighting only gig this past weekend and saw a cool set up so I thought I'd post. It looked very clean, I liked it. Turns out that the DJ just showed up, did the gig, then went home. All of the DJ gear and sound was set up by a local dude who normally does live sound for bands. The guy...

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    So who can afford a DJ in my area?

    Thread Starter: bcoffee

    This is just a little calculating that I have done based on an article this year in a local paper. The article states that Philadelphia has lost a large chunk of it's middle class base over the last 50 years. Many of those people have moved to the suburbs. Many of the others now find themselves in...

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    Paul Malacara

    DJs who tackle most events

    Thread Starter: Paul Malacara

    This question is for those who take on all or most events, in other words not just wedding DJs. What areas do you need to get better at, and don't be shy just be honest. We are here to learn a thing or two. 1. Marketing ? 2.communication? 3. Mixing or music selection? 4. Sales ? I ask...

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    All In The Day....w/pix

    Thread Starter: djshawn

    Just another day in sunny Orlando, 2X the FUN.............Enjoy:) Early gig 10am to 2pm Fall Festival.........Later 7pm -11pm corporate gig.......Tito's & 4 Rivers "wind down" is well deserved & delicious.....:) Gear: Early Gig....... 2 QSC K10s + Pioneer DDJ-SX + Sennheiser Wireless ...

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