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    Sid Vanderpool

    DJing Too easy?

    Thread Starter: Sid Vanderpool

    Wedding Network asked newlyweds 12 questions. Here is number 12 with a very interesting response: Question 12: Who did they think had the hardest job the Wedding Planner! Who had the easiest job the DJ. Is technology killing the DJ biz?

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    Feedback? What feedback?

    Thread Starter: adjtogo

    Here's a picture I took of Saturday's wedding. This little girl sang the Idina Menzel song from Frozen standing less than 2' from my Bose L1 MII speaker. As you can see, the microphone was at the B2 level.

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    50s & 60s Lindy

    Thread Starter: agelo538

    One of my main clients run a singles night for people 40 and older. There are usually 250-300 guests per event and the music is primarily a mix of top 40 dance and classic disco with a little spanish thrown in. Occasionally I get requests from some of the older guests for Lindy. I'm not too...

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    5x8 trailer big enough?

    Thread Starter: ParisCreative

    So my gigs are getting to the size where my GTI, which it's hatchback has been a surprising testament to small cars/big space, is at its maximum capacity. So I am thinking of doing two things: 1) Get a trailer hitch for my GTI 2) Get a 5x8 trailer w/ a ramp Now before a bunch of people waves...

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    Table and Skirt Needed

    Thread Starter: Dick

    Please direct me to a source for a light weight 3' or 4' folding table and skirt. Thanks

    Last Post By: DJ RickyB Yesterday, 11:27 PM Go to last post

    Boombox for 50 People?

    Thread Starter: Dick

    Is there a Boombox today with enough quality and volume to use for older ballroom dancers? USB would be nice here to use a laptop. This would be in a live room 40' X 70'. Thanks

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    Tam Duong - What A Wonderful World

    Thread Starter: AtlanticDigital

    Does anyone have this track? Can't find it anywhere on Amazon MP3 or iTunes and a bride of ours would like to use it. Thanks in advance!

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    Country Two Step - Thoughts Ideas - Your Favorites?

    Thread Starter: NightOwlDJs

    Ha, so you'd think living in Kentucky this would not be an issue for me, but I have a wedding this weekend where the couple wants a handful of Country Two Step songs. It's one style that I always hesitate with the songs....as in I think....no that's not a good selection. I have some thoughts of...

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    DJ CarlF

    Hedley - "Crazy For You"

    Thread Starter: DJ CarlF

    I'm digging this song. Has anyone played it at a gig? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjkJ9-pAXHY

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    Anyone know the brand or model of this mid-bass cab?

    Thread Starter: mikehende

    Hey guys, I am trying to track down the brand or model of this mid-bass cab in the pic, any ideas or leads please?

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