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    Feedback Destroyer/Eliminator/etc.

    Thread Starter: jaswrx

    I have been doing weddings recently where unfortunately, I am setup (the speakers) are 1ft away where the toasts are. Last week, I literally had someone against the speaker. I tried to move them, even a couple feet, but the photographer's didn't like that, and I respect that. Does anybody here...

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    Remove Vocals ( make instrumental)

    Thread Starter: jaswrx

    I have a client who asked me to do this, and by my knowledge, there doesn't seem like a good way to do this without the track sounding very tampered. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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    It's that time of the year again, repeats every year

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    Getting a lot of inquiries lately saying "Our DJ Backed Out On Us" or we can't get a hold of our DJ, or we lost our DJ, and now need to look else where. On every single one of those inquiries our company is booked for the date of interest. But surely it wouldn't work out anyone since I sense...

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    Anyone else getting requests for "Ghost Town Dj's-My Boo"

    Thread Starter: djrox

    At a recent Jr Prom/Ring Dance, I received the subject request (a 20+ y.o. song I that had played ad nausea in the mid - late 90s) and thought it was not only odd but possibly a ploy to embarrass someone, maybe even me, but certainly not a sincere request. So I had no intention of reacting to...

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    Playlist, but no video :( from May 28th

    Thread Starter: RobertBenda

    I forgot my camera at home, so no video highlights, but I'm going to share my playlist. It was 'hot as balls,' as one bridesmaid put it, so slow songs were dropped in when I thought they were over heating. Its a converted barn, which does have AC, but it couldn't keep up, and though the night was...

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