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    Website Redesign

    Thread Starter: bobbycdj

    I've been working on a total Website Redesign. I'm already 6 weeks and $3000.00 invested plus my own time. I took on a Web Designer who works in our office 20 plus hours a week. We've also been capturing footage specifically to create a unique web experience. Any feedback appreciated ...

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    American Audio or other 19 inch Rack Mount Mixers

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    In some of our systems we use Rane MM8Z mixer and are thinking of replacing them. They work fine but have been using them for well over 10 years so it's time to replace them. Are the American Audio Mixers reliable, good sounding and low noise? What are other 19-inch rack mount mixers to...

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    School Promo Video 2014 - Feedback welcome

    Thread Starter: RockinCT32

    First things first.... (no i'm not the realest) This was my very first attempt at putting together a promo video for school dances. I am working on a very aggressive marketing campaign and need all of the resources available to help get me through it. Two good DJ buddies of mine have really put...

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    Sid Vanderpool

    How can you protect your slogan?

    Thread Starter: Sid Vanderpool

    There is so much disinformation being given out to DJs by other DJs the web is littered with pom-pass claims that if you use a slogan on your website, on marketing materials and such you are covered by copyright laws. Well here is a wake up call for those that THINK they know what the law says....

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    Mr Probz - Waves [Robin Schulz Remix]

    Thread Starter: djshawn

    Really digging this groove.....thoughts??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MH9qWemtPo

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    Sid Vanderpool

    Book The Quad City DJs and others.

    Thread Starter: Sid Vanderpool

    You don't have to be a genus to use a booking company to enhance your DJ business. By offering more than a DJ, lighting, production you can make yourself look even bigger than you really are. http://www.grabow.biz/Book_Musicians_103.html They offer everyone from Quad City DJs to Selena...

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    Case for Pionner DDJ SR

    Thread Starter: agelo538

    I just purchased a Pioneer DDJ Sr Controller and am shopping around for a case. The Odyssey one looks nice but I'm looking for something that also has enough room for my power conditioner and equalizer (both 1 rack space.) I would also like room on the bottom for my external hard drive and...

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