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    Where to find new DJ helpers

    Thread Starter: nrgdjs

    I'm trying to recruit new people to work with my company. I have posted a job opening on two college boards, but no one is biting. How can I find new workers?

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    Sid Vanderpool

    DJing Too easy?

    Thread Starter: Sid Vanderpool

    Wedding Network asked newlyweds 12 questions. Here is number 12 with a very interesting response: Question 12: Who did they think had the hardest job the Wedding Planner! Who had the easiest job the DJ. Is technology killing the DJ biz?

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    Arnoldo Offermann

    Another prom-- record ticket sales, TWO photobooths!

    Thread Starter: Arnoldo Offermann

    Pics and videos here: http://www.arnoldooffermann.com/schools/orlando-prom-dj-and-lighting.html

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    Feedback? What feedback?

    Thread Starter: adjtogo

    Here's a picture I took of Saturday's wedding. This little girl sang the Idina Menzel song from Frozen standing less than 2' from my Bose L1 MII speaker. As you can see, the microphone was at the B2 level.

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    Table and Skirt Needed

    Thread Starter: Dick

    Please direct me to a source for a light weight 3' or 4' folding table and skirt. Thanks

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    Boombox for 50 People?

    Thread Starter: Dick

    Is there a Boombox today with enough quality and volume to use for older ballroom dancers? USB would be nice here to use a laptop. This would be in a live room 40' X 70'. Thanks

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    New website - critics wanted

    Thread Starter: RobertBenda

    Release the hounds! I've put up a new Wordpress website and, while I still have some things to finish (like posting all the weddings into the new blog), it's largely done. http://rnbweddings.com/ Feedback, notes, and criticisms welcome and encouraged.

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    Rate / Critique My New Website

    Thread Starter: DJKaizzer

    Hi, I just got a website, and Im looking for opinions, I want to know if I need to make some changes... and Thank you for your time. www.djkaizzer.com

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    mound of sound

    music on yhour hompage website

    Thread Starter: mound of sound

    I am currently doing an update and make over of my website and the idea and question has come up about having a music track playing when a person first open your homepage. Good or bad idea? Do you have music playing on your site? If you're in favor of an audio track playing, what kind of...

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    Sid Vanderpool

    Mushy 2014?

    Thread Starter: Sid Vanderpool

    For some strange reason 2014 is looking real "mushy" or soft when it comes to bookings. How is it for you?

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