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    DJ RickyB

    Would you drop your price? If so how often do you drop your price?

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    I recently sent a bride a price quote for her wedding reception coming up in May. I quoted her $1,000 for 4 hours. She responds saying "Thank you for your time, but that is more than I'm looking to spend. I emailed her back stating "What is your budget?" ...She says "I'm looking to stay within...

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    Mustang Sally

    Thread Starter: oldschooldj

    Guys and Gals, I need a couple suggestions that play well with Mustang Sally, which is a song I play at most of my adult events. The dancers usually do a form of line dance to the song, and I have yet to find a song to follow it that can keep them on the same style line dance. I would...

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    Keep Dancing

    The guests moved our speaker. WWYD?

    Thread Starter: Keep Dancing

    We were working a gig at a house with tents set up for the ceremony and reception. It was pouring and the tents leaked water where they met. We were in the back, away from the dance floor and near the guest tables on a covered patio, since there was nowhere to put us near the dance floor. We had...

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    just ordered RCF EVOX8

    Thread Starter: quansonlee

    I got tired of the stair gigs i get so when in Rome get a better setup... these will be in this friday.... gig them saturday 75 people xmas party

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    No DJ or band at this wedding!

    Thread Starter: djmachoman

    I got a text message from a lady this Thursday inviting me to her wedding. I sent back a text saying I would be there. Get to the church and of course the ceremony doesn't start on time. It was to start at noon and it started a little after 1. I hope to be able to post pictures later. Just...

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    DJ Wes

    R.I.P. Joe Cocker

    Thread Starter: DJ Wes

    Dead at 70. I've seen him twice in concert. He always gave it his all!

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    Debating between 55" & 60" flat screens

    Thread Starter: DJNaz

    Looking for some input from more seasoned veterans. Most grateful for your thoughts. :-)

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    Dixieland DJ

    For you Laptop Specs Tech guys

    Thread Starter: Dixieland DJ

    Sorry for the long post...... I would like to think this is not the typical "what laptop do I need" thread but I need a bit of advice on some things. My current #1 laptop is no longer reliable because the right hinge broke a few days ago & its gonna cost $150 - $200 to repair & I am not sure...

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    DJ RickyB

    Off for the entire week from work: What to do business wise?

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    Well, My last gig was last Thursday. I just had my first entire weekend off. It was nice relaxing with the family even though my son contracted Pink Eye in both eyes on Saturday. Luckily, we had drops left from the last time he got Pink Eye in September. As of this morning his eyes looked...

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