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    DJ RickyB

    Where do you think the DJ Industry is headed over the next few years?

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    Seeing that most of us who routinely post here are Veterans, or have been a Mobile DJ for 5 or more years, what are your thoughts on this? With what you have experienced with clients and overall market trends in recent years, and what you have seen in the business in recent years, where do you...

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    Elevator isn't working and using the big boys.!

    Thread Starter: djmachoman

    Tonight I'm helping out my friend that plays in the bar with a gig. We get to the venue and the elevator isn't working. The party is on the second floor and we brought the Yorkville 801p subs. I wanted to finally give them a run to see what they would do for the first time. Now we have to...

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    Evox 8 or keep my K12s over K-Subs

    Thread Starter: djstevieray

    Hi Guys, I have a question for anyone who is now using the Evox system. I currently have 4 K12s and 4 K-subs which gives me a pretty modular system. 90% of my events are Weddings up to about 250. I have one annual prom that I take out the 4 subs and two tops for only about (225 students). I...

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    The $3000 No Show DJ

    Thread Starter: partyhost

    Have posted this before. Brides statement is perfect @ 8:40 as an example of what can go wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcLwhEr02GA $3000 DJ, god I want to know what else he sold her on.

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    What do people say and do

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    When you are talking with someone and they learn you are a DJ, what is one of the first things they do. They take their hands and do the scratching record move. Must be ingrained in society to think that is what a DJ is all about. I have had some also say, do you wear a baseball cap backyards,...

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    What to call MEN that are on the bride's side of the Bridal Party?

    Thread Starter: Maestro

    I have a wedding where the bride has one man as her Bridesman and another man as her Best Man or Man of Honor. How would you introduce these guys? ::upsidedo

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    Johnny Dee

    Sat. School Dance - 700 kids

    Thread Starter: Johnny Dee

    Here's some pix from Saturday's school dance.

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    Last nights 70's birthday party was a big blast!

    Thread Starter: djmachoman

    I helped out a friend last night with doing a 70's birthday party in downtown Newark, NJ. The party went well and still has me wanting to DJ. I need parties like this to keep my spirit up to still want to DJ. All the music wasn't 70's music but a lot of it was from the 70's and 80's. I played...

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    Mirror Ball Motor Speed

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    What is your favorite speed 1rpm, 3 or 5. Our company needs to replace one of our 3rpm motors that burned out and just curious what others like. May get a batter-op instead (any suggestions on a good one that will a hold a 12 inch or 16 incher)? We have a few parties coming up that...

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