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    Do You Sit At Your Events?

    Thread Starter: riceboy1701e

    Fellow Professionals: First, many thanks to all who responded to my previous inquiry about the co-op hiring problems. Great answers all, and we are actually at full staff (for once) with no one threatening to leave anytime soon. :-) Now I have a new question: do you sit while you are...

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    mound of sound

    Which software do you like

    Thread Starter: mound of sound

    Serato - Tractor - Virtual DJ Used in a club with beat mixing and sound effects. Ease of music file search and ease of matching song tempo. May not be the correct wording, but I think you know what I'm asking. This will be a permanent install in a club. I won't be the one operating the...

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    Where do you SIT and place your speakers

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    Expanding on the DJ sit thread. Let's talk about where you sit and place your speakers. Just friendly conversation, so lets stay calm. For our company it's always on top of a sub, pole in between. If no sub, always on a stand. 2-4 times a year flown on a truss, but we don't get that setup booked...

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    New Mixer that has my interest

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    Galaxy Audio AXS 10RM Audio Mixer http://galaxyaudio.com/ So does anyone know much about Galaxy Audio? Quality, reliability, value over other similar brands. Our company is Yamaha and A&H for DJ and sound live mixers, but GA seems to be a contender. Pretty red paint job too. Wonder...

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    Web.com anyone?

    Thread Starter: djmachoman

    I saw this commercial advertising Web.com. They are a company that says that if you have a small business they will setup a Facebook page for you for free and then just charge you a monthly fee. They don't tell you how much that fee is. How many on here would do such a thing? Mainly Facebook...

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    Best of 2014

    Thread Starter: mobiledj60

    Well, it looks like 2014 has flew by quickly and it was a good year for music but will any of this years top song be classics down the road? What are you top requests from 2014 and do you think they will ever become classics? I will start with my top 5 from this year in no particular order ...

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