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    Pssst......The Password Is __________

    Thread Starter: djshawn

    I was supposed to have tonight off, but instead I got all call to spin at a new club that I just couldn't pass up.................Basically it was for a 70's Soul themed "Speak Easy" in upscale Winter Park, where you had to have a special code to get in the club. In fact you had to punch in the...

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    I am done with Rock N Roller Carts-- please help me find something made better

    Thread Starter: jaswrx

    I have replaced 3 sets of wheels, constantly tightening things, and today I noticed one of the wheels was not spinning very easily, and as I was about to tighten the bolt, I found this. WTF? A long time ago someone posted a much better dolly with 3 sets of wheels, making it super easy to maneuver...

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    Black lights - what are the best out there right now? GLOW EFFECT

    Thread Starter: andywilson

    I did have a couple of Blacklight Canon Sodium Vapour lights ,i sold quite a while ago - reasonably effective, but took a while to warm up. I am currently using blacklight fluorescent 4ft tubes when requested for blacklight effect. They are fairly effective but you need quite a few tubes to get...

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    Pretty good music find at a pawn shop the other day.

    Thread Starter: sb47

    I just happened upon a pawnshop last week, just looking around. When I noticed they had a huge and I mean huge CD collection. I asked how much per dick and they said 2 bucks. I said look lets make a deal, we can both see you are over run with CD's so hears what I can do. If I find 100 disk I...

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    DBX Limiter settings for DJ work

    Thread Starter: sb47

    Been playing with my DBX PA2 x over for a while now and love the sound quality improvement. According to the manual, in order to manually set the the gain structure, you need a white noise generator to play through the board. The only white noise gen I have is built into the DBX. Can and how do...

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    Holiday Party Bookings "Inquiries" are picking up?

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    How is your December looking with Holiday Party Bookings? Offering any new upgraded services this year to pump up the revenue? What are you quoting and what do they get for the price? 4-5 packages seem to sell better than one package one price take it or leave it. Seems like there is a rise...

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