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    DJ RickyB

    Just got back from a bar who cut having entertainment just a month ago

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    SO there is this local bar/restaurant about 1 mile from my house. It's been in business since the 50s. They have had bands in their bar every Friday, and Saturday night FOR YEARS. Well...They made the decision to stop having bands at all about a month ago. Unfortunately, it has gotten so slow...

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    Need help with Bridezilla Review on Google

    Thread Starter: GOJUICE

    Hi Is there anyway to fill up the first page of Google QUICKLY (or even get just a few things listed there quickly) when someone Googles my company name? I am very worried that a recent client is going to post Nasty reviews about me on some of the worst review websites!!! The groom tipped me 200...

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    Play only music from 1940s-1980's (Wedding Dance)

    Thread Starter: thepartydj

    Has this ever happened to you? I just got a note from the bride for a wedding dance this weekend saying: "We would like to have only songs played from 1940s-1980's and nothing newer than that even if requested by guests." What is your take on this request? Do you say anything about it, or just...

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    Perhaps my newest ceremony mic

    Thread Starter: sawdust123

    I just ordered this JTS-FGM-62 (short one on left). The boom is ~60" and made from 1/4" carbon fiber. The unit actually comes with three 1/2" mics (omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid). These require phantom power and most DJ mixers lack this (I use a professional mixer). This mic is typically used...

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    Sid Vanderpool

    Provide a phone charging station at weddings?

    Thread Starter: Sid Vanderpool

    The idea has been batted around all year, but so many have talked about the liability of letting people plug their phones into cords you provide. What if you just provide a bank of USB ports for charging?

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    DJ RickyB

    The Revel Casino in Atlantic City closed last night!

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    The tallest sky scraper in Atlantic City...Only 2 years old, and cost 2.4 BILLION DOLLARS to build...is now CLOSED! ::wowbig: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/09/01/revel-casino-hotel-starts-closing-in-atlantic-city/ I saw it on the news this morning. I walked through that casino...

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    Album sales hit historic lows

    Thread Starter: dunlopj

    From Rolling Stone... http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/album-sales-hit-historic-low-falling-below-four-million-units-sold-20140829

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    DJ RickyB

    Why do Speaker Stand Covers cost more than the Stands themselves?

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    I could use a black pair of Scrims for my stands (Or really, I just want a pair...), and decided to look online for pricing. It is strange how something made out of fabric is so expensive compared to the Metal Speaker Stands themselves. I can buy good speaker stands for $39.99 each...Cheap ones for...

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    A new mini moving head coming soon!

    Thread Starter: Maestro

    Color Imagination in China just announced that they are coming out with a new mini mover, the MiniSpot 50 as well as the MiniBeam 50. I have been after them to produce such a fixture and it looks like they finally have. I will post updates as I receive them from C.I. Here is a photo and a link to...

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    Other Sound Gear For Sale

    Thread Starter: steve149

    Time to clean out the closet(s) ... I'll try to post some images in the next couple of days. All are in excellent condition unless noted. Shipping at cost. AKG C1000s Condenser mic (I have 2) $75 ea Denon DN-X500 Mixer $200 .. 2 bad channels (2&4) ... $35 for parts or to use the 2...

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