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    Is frugality the new norm?

    Thread Starter: bcoffee

    I posted an article a few years back in which I discussed economics and the relationships between supply and demand and prices. And yes I have heard what Peter Merry and others have to say about pricing. Merry may not want to acknowledge it but prices cannot remain or increase if demand decreases...

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    DJ RickyB

    Would you drop your price? If so how often do you drop your price?

    Thread Starter: DJ RickyB

    I recently sent a bride a price quote for her wedding reception coming up in May. I quoted her $1,000 for 4 hours. She responds saying "Thank you for your time, but that is more than I'm looking to spend. I emailed her back stating "What is your budget?" ...She says "I'm looking to stay within...

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    Got the okay to play a few dirty songs at a school dance yesterday

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    At the afternoon dance I did yesterday the kids kept bugging my assistant for those songs us Djs can't or shouldn't play. Some kids got upset and bugged the advisor saying the DJ won't play our songs. Later he came over and asked what's the issue. I told him most of their requests are inappropriate...

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    I just picked up a new controller with the case today!

    Thread Starter: djmachoman

    I was out during some other shopping today and finally decided to get a backup controller and a case to put it in. I went to Sin I Rama Sound and picked up a Pioneer DDJ ST for $250.00 and the case to put it in for $199.00. I also picked up another cordless mic. I am very happy today. It's...

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    Monogram with a projector

    Thread Starter: Jim_Weisz

    If you're wondering how bright of a projector you need for monograms, this is a 3500 lumen BenQ in a very bright room. It looked just as good in person and even better once it got dark.

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    No DJ or band at this wedding!

    Thread Starter: djmachoman

    I got a text message from a lady this Thursday inviting me to her wedding. I sent back a text saying I would be there. Get to the church and of course the ceremony doesn't start on time. It was to start at noon and it started a little after 1. I hope to be able to post pictures later. Just...

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    Monoprice Mixer / CD Player / USB / Midi Controller

    Thread Starter: Maestro

    Has anybody seen one of these in person or actually used one? Seems to do it all, pretty much. I am thinking it would make a good back up or ceremony rig. http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=115&cp_id=11506&cs_id=1150605&p_id=614700&seq=1&format=2#description The S/N ratio of their mixer is...

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    just ordered RCF EVOX8

    Thread Starter: quansonlee

    I got tired of the stair gigs i get so when in Rome get a better setup... these will be in this friday.... gig them saturday 75 people xmas party

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    Question of the Day, when you all say you're working on SEO

    Thread Starter: rockingdj

    Question of the Day, when many of you say you're working on SEO, exactly what are you doing that is improving things for you. This post may be useful to not only me but to others here. Hope we can all be kind and talk about SEO tips and things to try. SEO tip number one: put your main city in...

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