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Thread: what makes a good dj

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    i have been thinking for a while WHAT MAKES A GOOD DJ
    what do the kids like at school discos. can you please help me and tell me what you think about being a good dj

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    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I will have to get back to you on that one. It is either you have the nack or you don't to make them great.

    You have to be able to read the crowd well have current hits.

    Some schools love lighting, and glow sticks.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............What makes you a good teen DJ?

    I have to say you have it or you don't.
    DJ Boom


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    Taking requests (a biggie).....Do dedications(teens in my area love to hear their names on the microphone), Having the selections the kids want as well as NOT playing the songs the sponsors have told you about. As Boom said, you either have it or you don't. I think that with the aformentioned are all ingredients that go into making a good DJ. Just an old farts opinion..........Tim
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    In my opinion - bring a kick-butt sound and lighting system, play the music they want to hear, and be interactive.

    Of course the biggest appeal to them is playing the music they want to hear. But they can listen to music at home or onthe radio. What you provide is atmosphere - and the closer you can emulate a night-club, the better your show will be.

    Teens and pre-teens aren't all that familiar with kick-butt DJ shows. Once you give them something they haven't experienced before, they will always compare other DJs to you.

    Many DJs bring a mirror ball, some parcans and probably a Mushroom light. And most DJs bring a decent sound system too. But the fact is these DJs will be comparable to other DJs.

    The question here is, "What makes a DJ stand out above his competitors?"

    The teens can best answer that question, and they do this by asking you these questions:

    "Are you the DJ we had that had that cool light that makes stuff glow?"

    "Your the guy who has that cool flashing light that makes us look like we're robots right?"

    "Are you the guy who made the floor and walls shake?"

    These are questions that I proudly answer YES! to.

    Those are questions before the show. But during the show, you will be judged by how interactive you are.

    The more songs you can play that get them yelling, the more they will enjoy the show. I.e. turn down the volume to let them shout out popular well known lyrics - get them involved.

    I recommend the investment in some effects that will set you apart (or in the least allow you to compete) with competitors:
    - Hazer/ Fazer
    - Blackjack (400w blacklight cannon);
    - Mega Strobe (750w strobe light)

    I have also heard of DJs using bubbles, however I have never had a request for them. If I did have a request, I charge $25. more to use the machine because it's a pain to clean afterwards and makes the floors slippery (liability).

    I bought a Fazer from Chauvet last year, but they don't carry this model any longer. However, I saw it available at Pro Sound and Stage Lighting. They are selling it for $299. USD. It used water-based fog fluid to create a constant non-stop output of faze (haze using fog fluid).

    We have used this one for over a year every Friday night, and I love it! If you are interested in a fazer, visit and look for the Antari Z-300 Pro Fazer.
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    Here lies your answer:


    The Complete "How To Market and Perform at School Dances" is now available. CJ's Cha Cha Slide Instructional Video is also still available, email for details.

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    For me the cool lights and kicking sound system are a given for any school gig, BUT what I think can make a dj better then his/her compition is to be friendly with the kids because like any service sector job you make your clients happy and they will come back, or higher you back.
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    Originally posted by CJs DJs
    Here lies your answer:


    NICE! Does that table have XLR or RCA outputs?
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    what makes a good dj, you say? You should know that already. You're pulling down, what is it, 5 grand on New Year's Eve? You say you're the best dj in your area. Why ask? Hmm...

    Ever figure out what a "jog dial" is yet? (I read that thread)

    Figure out if you need a "special record" to scratch?

    You say you "just got" your DCD - 400. So what were you using before? If it was a CD player, you'd know about jog dials. If it was vinyl, you'd know about scratching.

    Hey man, I have nothing against legitimate questions here, and those are. Nobody mocks anyone here for asking stupid questions. However, I have 0 tolerance for a few types of people in this world. One of them is liars.

    If you're gonna bust up in here and say you spin 5 g's in an adult stripper club, please by all means, but don't get blood on my carpet when the real DJ's come in and bruise you.

    If you're not gonna give us the real deal, we won't either.
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    Since I don't know what the above post is about, I can't edit it.

    If Global or 15 would care to enlighten CJ or I via PM, I'd appreciate it.

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    No problem, just let me go to school first.
    I am Global.

    "Hey, it's that guy! That web designer guy! Do you like, design websites?"

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    I am still awaiting on a Reply regarding the last post on DjChat about the New years EVE gig

    I may be in Queensland soon anyway so I may have to get the C/o President of ANDJA to come with me and see this famous Dj that is making $5,000 shows on NYE as a Teenager

    oh the question - mmm you may need more training I would say especially in the area of Business First its never about how good a Dj you are its the BUSINESS Ethics as well

    as some would say anyone can put music on in a bedroom

    gee even I did when I was as OLD as Cj in his Pic (LOL)

    anyway Dj15 my Phone number - well the ANDJA Business number is - 0500 873253

    Best to have your father Call

    have a nice day
    DjDennis Clark
    (In this crazy business for 35+ years)


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