[Q] How do I make more money with my website?

[A] Their isn't one thing that anyone person can do to just make money magically appear from their website, but a series of different things. Below is a helpful guide on making a great website and many tips to improve overall vists (a good fast website & good SEO= more visits....more visits = more potential clients (and brand recognition)...more clients = more money $$$$)

Quick CheatSheet to build your own PROFESSIONAL website

1. The name says it all

Get a good URL..the url by rule of thumb should be no more than 3 syllables and should be quick and easy.. (ill go more in depth why later)

2. Get Reliable/fast hosting

Get reliable hosting....and get a FAST host.(speed is VERY IMPORTANT for SEO) GatorHost IMO is the best...(Ive used 100's of diffrent hosts for my clients.. (*oh btw Godaddy sucks..stay away) I HIGHLY recommend using this link and use this coupon code that I made just for djforum users mobiledjs12 and itll give you 25% off..

3. Go longterm in hosting

Get the cheapest plan (if your just gong to have one website... If not go to the second tier plan)... the longer you host the cheaper the price and in my opinion the better... Dont use services like Webs, and anyone else that does that instant website junk..... they all suck and there all a rip off .. They have very little SEO clout . My advice is hist and design yourself and keep the extra cash
FYI: Put some time into your site*remember your website is a direct reflection of your brand, Customers will think crappy website means crappy company or crappy service* "if you put crap in, you'll get crap out"

4. Install the framework to your new website

Install a CMS (content management system... Ex. WordPress, drupal, joomla...ect.)through the dashboard (imo Wordpress has the best user interface, great if your new at this ..).. Drupal, joomla, and the million other cms's can be a little much for people who dont know code (css, php, mysql, jquery)

5. Get a premade theme (or make your own)

Just google free wordpress themes.. theres thousands of free themes or if you want to get a really professional page get a "Premium Wordpress theme" from,, ect... (again google premium themes) ... thememonster has beautiful themes but are a bit pricey.

6. Follow the instructions which came with the theme and install it

7. Get familiar withyour CMS

Just Google "learn word press" and watch you tube videos on whatever your trying to do (they have step by step videos on practically every subject)... even go to and look at the help content they got great tutorials on most if the topics

8. Search engine optimization

This is how you get noticed. Get the site finalized and start promoting (SEO.. Search engine optimization).. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GET NOTICED...(just google seo and learn about it). You can have one of the best sites... But if people can't find your content YOU DO NOT EXSIST.


I always see this on webpages... the future is mobile WITHOUT flash.. get into html5 for sideshows and videos...(its the future).. bc ipads, iphones and alot of mobile devices do not use flash.and flash can't be SEO'd

10. Quality Content, Quality Content, Quality Content

this is one of the most important aspects of need great quality content. (look at the Competition and ask your self what content can I add that my competitors don't have?!) Fill in the void for whatever the customers are asking. Also... Once youve put the content up, write posts once every 11 days or do to keep the content fresh.

*google penguin update*

11. Get social

Google is now heavily including social into your sites. they want to know if your connecting with your customers. Use Facebook, twitter, google+... To post new content with links referring back to your website. google wants you to be more engaged.

12. Don't try to cheat the system

Google knows if your trying to cheat them, or if you have cored someone elses content. If you aren't caught now.. You will be.. The sorry gains are not worth getting google banned.

13. Sign up for google PLACES & BING Local..... Also go thru this list and register to everyone of these sites below:

The List:

This will definitely get you potential prospects... Go to and list your business. This is a sure way to get noticed... And its FREE

Here is a quick video on seo

Ladies & gentlemen THIS IS THE FUTURE OF OUR BUSINESS.. Yellow pages are gone and the web is growing bigger and bigger... GET IN while its still young... i could write about the importance all day but this is a quick setup guide.. hope it helps

Something Extra: