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Thread: DIY & Purchased Facades: User Feedback?

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    DIY & Purchased Facades: User Feedback?

    I know a good handful of folks here have built their own facades or purchased them. Curious how well they are holding up and if you still like them as much as when you first put them to use.

    Some questions:
    1. Did you build or buy?

    2. How heavy is it?

    3. How has it held up to abuse?

    4. What type of screen does it have (Spandex, Acrylic sheet, etc)

    5. Any good tips or lessons learned you have acquired along the way, from using it (care, protection, etc)?

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    !. Built mine, used 1x3 pine boards for the frame. Routed a slot in each one of them as the track for the acrylic sheets that I purchased from a big box lumber yard. Painted the boards a glass black and they really turned out great. I know some on here will bash the DIY, but for what the ones cost that you can buy, I feel like I got a way better product for way cheaper.

    2. Really light, I can carry both sections, each section is 4 foot by 4 foot, (folds in half to be 2x4) to transport.

    3. Has held up very well. I did have to replace one sheet of acrylic due to a drunk person falling into it. I also touch up the paint each year.

    4. Acrylic

    5. Make sure you use good hinges. I used a good "piano" type hinge that is about 3 feet long that really folds up nicely.
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