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Thread: This promoter is looking for me to help them out this Satuday.

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    Varies, need a DJ/MC? Will travel.
    Keep us posted. We are eager to hear about the upper class you are connecting with. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by djmachoman View Post
    I didn't do the gig this past Saturday. I may do it on 2-10-17. I haven't talked with the guy yet. I probably will today. I still have the issue hat was brought up about the battery powered speaker. I wouldn't want to spend a crazy amount of money for one and it being a time only use. Personally I love the Denon one! It's looks great and I bet it will sound great. Just not comfortable with spending that much and it will collect dust. Unlike the Yamaha DSR 115's which has gotten plenty of use and have been paid for many times over.
    Here ya go....$200
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    I actually did this on an alumni trip for a Boston College game from jersey. Used my Bose compact on battery and it sounded great. Bus speakers would be a fail...

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