If it's more that 50 miles I charge more and that's easy to explain. There are 2 venues in my area that I state upfront there is an extra charge, both of them require me to unload UP on a loading dock, long halls with doors, and small elevators plus you have to quickly move the vehicle and park it a long way away (so no running back for an extra cord or a replacement piece.) It easily adds an hour to my total time so I change for the extra hour. My worst place, starts with a circle drive that is shared by 2 venues so you are competing with florist, cake guys, other vendor.... times 2. Then up a rough concrete ramp (~ 50 yards), then through 2 double swings doors, through a long but skinny kitchen (usually in full swing) into a service elevator 48 inches wide. Then 50 feet of carpet to a small set of steps (only 12 or 13) and then down a hallway, between the tables and setup at the end of the room. ( Not to mention running back down to find the vehicle boxed in by food delivery etc. ) When I book here I will do my small setup ( 2 loads) and I still charge extra.