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Thread: Advice - deposit check bounced, then client cancelled same day

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    Mighty "might" ridden but incorrect.

    The offer and acceptance takes place when the agreement/contract is signed, by authorized and capable parties, and the check (consideration for the agreement) is presented as an instrument of payment.

    A check is a written order or request addressed to a bank or persons in the banking business and drawn upon them by a party having money in their hands, requesting them to pay on presentment to a person named on the check or to bearer, a fixed sum of money.

    Checks are uniformly payable to bearer. However, in the United States, sometimes they are payable to order. Checks are negotiable instruments, and are technically due before payment has been demanded, as distinguished from promissory notes and bills of exchange, which are payable on a particular day.
    A stop payment order supersedes all of this bluster.

    The check is a negotiable instrument and the DJ by delay negotiated it's time value to zero.

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    A DJ meets with a prospect at their home. They sign a contract and give him a cash retainer. He departs with the contract but leaves the cash behind on the table. A day later the prospect changes their mind and hires someone else.

    That's pretty much what happened here.

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    You have a sticky situation. On one side you say to help you out you need that $370. Then the repercussion if you take that bride to court could hurt your business with negative publicity. Some just see it as a small amount of money and why bother. What might be small to some could be a whole lot to someone else.

    Sometimes you got to take nice guy out of it and do what you need to for your business. Sometimes you have to set an example if you want to or not.

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