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Thread: Managing Your DJ Company

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    Lightbulb Managing Your DJ Company

    Tip- Never forget about a'll lose many show possiblities because of it. Word of mouth is bliss in this industry.

    Use a reliable software program to enter bookings. There are a couple good ones to use like DJ Calendar or DJ Webmin (we developed) www.********.com to run your mobile dj company smooth as silk. I'm sure a ton of people will respond to this post (I hope) with a comment on what they find is good to use. I'm not saying you have to use DJ Webmin, just be sure that you use a reliable program to keep up with your shows other than a pen and a calendar on the wall.

    -Barry Cedergren


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    Access & Excel do just fine, and they are programs that I already had on my system (Office97 Pro)

    incidently, I have a few simple questions you might be able to answer for me, since this board is for DJs (and you must *be* a DJ)

    why can't I run a stereo microphone cable (1/4 to XLR) when using a Samson SR22 True Diversity Wireless Microphone with a Sure SM58 head?

    also, why can't I have a Crown Macrotech amplifier in the same rack as a QSC PLX series amplifier?

    roughly, how many people are in the bridal party of a Fillipino Wedding?
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    a Fillipino Wedding? let me think...


    You pay for it once and it will do everything you need it to do. And it is cheaper than Excel & Access! There is a demo you can download to see just how strong this software is. Just go to
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    Barry- I trust that's not a company you work for and you're attempting to get free advertising and violate the DJChat rules that you agreed to. It would be a shame for me to have to lock this thread.

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    I use Microsoft Outlook, Word, Access and Excel. I best thing with the Office Package is everything is linkable. Looks like a neat produce but not necessary.
    DJ Lee

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    Looks like free advertising to me.
    Nick in New Zealand
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    Not Any More Nick

    the details have been edited OUT unless Barry can BUY Advertising Space

    have a nice day


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