To follow up on the events that took place at:
I emailed Steve and request to talk over the phone. I was very upset he attacked me personally and my credibility! It turns out he had no idea that the previous "distro" thread matriculated into a post of more pictures:

Steve's issue has been resolved. We had a great talk in length on the the phone. He misunderstood a couple of posts and well one thing led to another and got mad about any of my remarks. In reality because of Sharpy and some others, people around here get angry and will attack you. I guess everyone new or old who comes to this forum will be confronted in one-way or another as being a "bullsh*ter". Some just need to verify who, what, when, and where until their satisfied. I do not agree with these actions, however they are there and will continue for a reason. Cough Sharpy

Steve closed the thread, however I felt it did not need to be. If you wish to continue your comments go ahead. :o} If any one wishes to contact me in any manner to discuss any further issues please feel free to call or email.

The Internet is made of words, how you phrase these words are different and unique. An interpretation of a conversation can be view differently then the original manner and meaning it was to represent. Further more, the Internet is fragmented, make sure you have all the information before you comment or attack a person. We are all wrong at times.

( I was upset that had to happen but happy it was resolved )