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Thread: FS Pair Custom Built Dave Nye Subs

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    FS Pair Custom Built Dave Nye Subs

    I am selling a pair of Subs that Dave Nye from the equipment board made for me about two years ago. These are front loaded bottom ported cabs with Eminence 15" drivers. They measure 24'x24"x29" tall and have heavy duty side handles, top pole mount, expanded metal grill, Vinyl covering with carpeted face, and corner protectors. The jack plate is wired for either passive or Bi-amp use. The subs are in Northern California and would be best picked up or I could delivery to Sacramento or the Bay Area. I am asking $300 for the pair. Contact Bill or (209)795-7130.

    Here is a link to better descrption and pictures:
    Bill The Bass Man

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    hey if they don't sell maybe we can work something out...i'm in northern california also...thanks- zach

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    Hey Zach - Shoot me an email with an offer. I was about to relist but will be happy to hold off for an offer.

    Cheers - Bill
    Bill The Bass Man

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    Relisted Today, $299.00 "Buy It Now " Price. Good Subs Great Value.

    Bill The Bass Man

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    Franz Guest
    Hey Bill,

    Selling custom made subs is a pain in the, well you know. I have 4 custom cabinets with 18's mounted in them. They are awesome and have served me well. I went to powered Mackie products. The 18's now sit in my living room for my home stereo!

    I am watching your auction to see how it fares. Delivery is also a problem with big stuff like this. I may list mine on ebay as well, and/or here.

    Two are loaded with Peavey Black Widows and the other two with Eminence Kilo Max Drivers. I also have two spare Peavey Black Widows. (These were in the boxes before I installed the Eminence drivers.)

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    Franz Guest
    What now Bill? I also want to sell my boxes. I suppose they would sell better if you had someone at your location that could actually hear them.

    I'm not sure I will even list mine on ebay. People just aren't going to bid on something they are not familiar with, even if it does kick butt!

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    Yeah, I was hoping to get some attention to them through Ebay but have now listed them in the local Buy 'n Sell paper. Probably for the best.
    Bill The Bass Man


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