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Thread: Replacement JBL EON G2 15" parts

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    Replacement JBL EON G2 15" parts

    I'm looking for two replacement JBL EON G2 15" woofer grills and some new phillips bolts for the back.

    Does anyone know a dealer who sells either of these?


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    Ditto. I could use a couple grills myself.

    Any Paul Wall style grillz?

    Actually, now that I think about it, the stock EON black will do just fine. I could maybe use a pair of bags too.
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    I think Bill.*** just announced a week or two back that he is now a JBL dealer. I could be wrong, but it would be worth a shot to PM him.

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    For the G2 15" the grill is part # 128-00428-00 and the cost is $ 29.90 each

    For the padded bag is part # EON15 BAG-1 and the cost is $ 59.00. There is also a wheeled version of the padded bag, EON15 BAG/W-1 and the cost is $ 135.00

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