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Thread: Virtual Beams and Show Designer

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    I have a pair Virtual Beams and an American DJ show designer for sale. Each beam has an individual roadcase and has probably about 100 hours on the bulb. Both beams also have O clamps attached.

    Both Beams are in excellent condition. The UV purple filter on one of the beams has worn away in the middle, but would be a simple dichroic replacement.

    I've programmed the show designer for the two fixtures and it includes a trackball and an skb carrying case. The unit is in excellent shape.

    I will include copies of all manuals and if the offer is high enough, include a dmx dimmer pack.

    Together the system includes:

    2 American DJ Virtual Beams $2000 value
    2 Virtual Beam Cases $ 200
    1 American DJ Show Designer $1000
    1 3space SKB case $ 75
    Clamps and cables $ 50

    Total (if new) $3325

    DMX Dimmer pack $150

    I've estimated prices on equipment in good, used condition to be the following:

    V-Beams $500-600 each
    Cases $125
    Show Designer and Case $600

    So there is (without cable and extras) about $1800 worth of gear here. I am considering ebaying the set together, though i do not want to ship it. I am in the Detroit Metro area and would consider meeting someone halfway with this equipment between here and Chicago or somewhere in Ohio or Indiana or somewhere inbetween there.

    If anyone has an offer please drop me an email at please let me know where you are located.

    Before anything would be finalized, i can get some pictures scanned and sent of the fixtures and controller...probably before the end of this week.



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    Are you still selling these? I'm willing to trade a whole bunch of lights! I'll also pay the difference! I really need these lights! Thanks.

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    More information. I checked the hours on the lamps -- under 160 hours on each fixture.

    the manual says the bulbs last for 6000 hours. Even if they only lasted for 3000, there is still 95% of the lamp life left.


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