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    Many Dj's saw the other fire looking lights and have been asking me where to go to get the real ones well they are here and I am taking orders now. Will match any price-

    Le Flame

    We have set a new standard in a totally packaged simulated flame effect. The Le Flame offers an amazingly realistic flame effect with the use of light, air flow and fabric. Attempts at this technology in the past have produced marginal results. The Le Flame has truly mastered all elements to produce an incredible visual effect. The Le Flame is available as a stand alone kit to be incorporated into any scenic element or combined with the Le Flame hanging or post mounted bowl to create an extremely realistic effect. Whether you are creating a unique peripheral lighting or introducing a safe fire effect into a scenic element, the Le Flame is your special effect solution
    check out the picture-
    Special right now only
    le flame with post mount bowl $250
    le flame with bowl and chain $260

    Email me for details
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    JD Fields aka JD The DJ/Prince of Trance

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    I can pick up the ADJ Torch Light that was featured at the MB Show in Vegas, for $79.00. Can't see spending over $200.00 for this type of effect, when ADJ makes a very good version so much less expensive.
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    See if you can find a Le Maitre Dealer in your area that has the Le Flame - when you see one in person you will understand - in my opinion it's like comparing apples to oranges, and there is a BIG difference in quality. When I first saw these at a convention I walked into a seminar and a le flame on a pole mount close to the ceiling was on- I freaked, I walked right up to it and was like that can't have that in here. Extremely realistic, to me the American DJ is more economic but cheesy. We are comparing high end lighting to economical lighting. Le Maitre are the originators of the 'flame'. For your higher end corporate parties these are the lights you will want to use with the bowl and everything.
    Catch The Beat - JD The DJ
    JD Fields aka JD The DJ/Prince of Trance


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