If your looking to get into computer Djing I have a system for sale. It has never been used at a gig it's been the back up to my "Space Jam System ® " it is ready to go and completly set-up, these are the details:

1 Pentium® III Processor
2 64MB PC100 SDRAM
3 "45" GB Western Digital Hard Drive
4 13.3" TFT LCD Display
5 105-key Win95 detachable keyboard with 12 function keys and integrated palm rest
6 40x EIDE CDROM Drive
7 1.44 Floppy Drive
8 SoundBlaster Live! Value Sound Card
9 56K V.90 Lucent® Modem
10 Built-in stereo amplified speakers
11 Windows® 98
12 Integrated pressure sensitive touchpad pointing device
13 Dimensions: 15.7"(W) x 12.6"(H) x 8"(D)
14 Weight: Appx. 30lbs fully configured
15 Two cooling fans
16 Light weight aluminum chassis
17 Super-durable high impact ABS plastic shell
18 Hidden chassis handle
19 EMI shielding
20 Four accessible drive bays, two 5.25", two 3.5". One hidden 3.5" drive bay
21 7 available expansion slots (actual number of usable slots and lengths depends on installed CPU and system board)
22 Add-on card stabilizer
23 Brightness, contrast, and backlight on/off switch
24 LED indicator for power and HDD
25 ASUS¨ P3B-F Mother Board
26 230W to 300W ATX Power Supply

This unit is cherry and I'm selling it as used for only....$2,650 See what the software companies are selling them for then you see what a deal this is.

Musically Yours

Professor Jam
The 1st PCDJ