Yo Ive got a American Dj System I'm selling. Its the Pro-200 CD Player and the 2422 Mixer. It's in a Gemini Box that has 6 rack spaces in the bottom and room on top for a light controller and maybe a beatkeeper. All the stuff was bought last September and is still 100%. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with it. Ill throw in all the cords to hook everything up to the buyer. I guess I'm lookin for someone to give me a reasonable price. Im buying a car and want to get something alittle smaller and really like the looks of the Pioneer CDJ100S package. All the equipment cost me a little over 800 and it all still has warranties on it. Ive also used it minimal. Ive used it probably 2-4 times a month. Its a great system just like I said I need something a little smaller. Any questions drop me an email.